Ultimate guide of using WhatsApp for Marketing in 2023

Ultimate guide of using WhatsApp for Marketing in 2023

There is no need to talk about the total number of WhatsApp users in India because the number is around the total population itself. Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, and every mobile user has WhatsApp installed on their phone. 
But many of them have not tried using WhatsApp for business purposes. Using WhatsApp for business can be beneficial for getting results as there are uncounted WhatsApp users in the World. Business promotion in WhatsApp can be helpful for every category to generate profit in their business by using the upgraded features provided by World Campaign King

From registering your business to providing the panel, everything can be availed from us. We are the service provider that helps you to get registered to use the Whatsapp business service and provide the dedicated panel that has a gateway to send the campaign with all upgraded features and garb the analytics of the success of the campaign. 

Every panel does not provide the same features but the panel we provide has every upgraded feature that one can ask for. From scheduling the post to sending the campaign with buttons, every feature increases the percentage of the success of the campaign as it provides ease to the receivers to react if they are interested. Using the upgraded features properly and getting results is the most important chapter in Whatsapp marketing which is to be understood well.

👉Here are some of the latest features that are being used in 2023 and will help you create a result-oriented campaign for your business:

🔵Button Click Feature

This single feature increases the numbers like anything. The one running the campaign can add a different kind of buttons in which they can add a mobile number, URL and quick replies. Once a customer clicks this button then the person will get integrated into either their dial pad with the number provided, or the dedicated URL provided and the one who has run the campaign will get the analytics in case they clicked the quick reply button then a reply will be generated from the customer’s end. Mostly, people prefer using quick reply to buttons as it shows the interest of the customers directly.

🔵Number Filtering

Not every number will be on WhatsApp or not every number will be active. To clear this exception our panel has a feature called filtering numbers. This feature will extract the valid and invalid numbers from the total number saved and the campaign will be sent only to the numbers that are available in WhatsApp. This feature saves the credit and in case the credits are utilized then it will automatically get refunded within 24 hours.

🔵Total numbers that can be added

A single number can broadcast one lac of numbers in a single campaign. You can analyse the number of results that you can get by using the Bulk WhatsApp panel. Also, the number that will be used for running the campaign will be your own.

🔵White label Reseller Panel

The service panel that we provide is the white label which has no brand name mentioned. This feature is for resellers as they add users to the panel. As the panel does not contain any brand name so this adds a plus point for the resellers to pitch their customers.

We provide WhatsApp Marketing services worldwide with upgraded features for running the campaign. We provide credit-based plans for running a WhatsApp campaign with a number filtering feature that will extract the invalid numbers and no credits will be deducted. In case the credit got deducted then it will automatically get refunded within 24 hours. 2023 brings the latest trends in using the WhatsApp Campaign and to know these feel free to visit our website or contact our experts and get a demo of our panel.

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