Best practices to use Bulk SMS service for business purposes

Best practices to use Bulk SMS service for business purposes

Many services will come and go but the best one stays forever. Bulk SMS is one of the oldest services but still the most dignifying and result oriented. There is nothing wrong in saying that Bulk SMS has the power to provide a maximum number of leads at the lowest cost.

There is a way of doing the activity to get the proper results and as this is one of the oldest channels so, they have made some of the regulations that are to be followed to run the SMS campaign. There are two different gateways for sending the SMS, one is Transactional and the other is promotional.

Transactional SMS is made to share updates and reminders to the end users like we get messages from banks for our last transaction and from telecom companies for recharge updates. This kind of SMS comes under the category of Transactional messages. Promotional messages are the ones that are made to promote any product or service. This has a separate section from transactional and all the messages drop over there that are sent by the sender. 

Both gateways need the approval of the content format that will be sent to the customers, one needs to buy different SMS credits for both promotional and transactional, but all SMS can be sent with the single sender id. Every activity performed on SMS should be transparent with DLT and once get the approval you can easily move forward to use the service seamlessly. After the completion of these, all activities company can start using Bulk SMS Service for business purposes and can get all the results through the service panel.

Let us see what all feature this SMS Service can give to a business for promotional purposes:


A known person is always more responsive as compared to the unknown. Add personalization in the introduction or at the end with regards to letting the person know where the message is coming from. Adding personalization is most important because no one responds to the unknown. Hence, adding personalization can get better results.

🟢Link Tracking Feature

This is one of the best features that we provide in the panel. A sender can add a short link with the text and send the campaign to track the results of the SMS campaign sent and get all the interesting numbers that have clicked the link. This saves credit and tracks the potential leads that are interested in buying the product or service. A sender can add a landing page, web link or any other page they are willing to show to the interested customers and get the total link clicks in the panel itself.

🟢Know the Content

Make sure to check the content’s relevance and know your audience. This is the most important part as you need to track the audience that can relate to your product or service so that they can take an interest in buying the same. Any critical or unsolicited content should not go to the end users as it can hurt the sentiments of the person and result in a campaign failure.

🟢Robust Service Panel

Nothing will come in any use if the panel has a lesser load capacity and lesser features. The panel should have all upgraded features and have a heavy load capacity because there is not only one person running the campaign. Several customers are using the panel for promotional or transactional purposes.

To make a panel robust you need to have a dedicated support team who are holding the back of the panel in case of any error occurred. There should always be a dedicated support team to manage the panel errors and keep on optimizing that to make it more seamless in usage.

World Campaign King provides you with all the upgraded features in the Bulk SMS Service with a service panel and a dedicated support team. We have an expert to explain the service in a better way and help you get optimized results by using Bulk SMS Service.

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