How does WhatsApp for Business API works?

Since Whatsapp launched it’s growing exponentially. Almost you will find everyone on this platform so businesses want to use this Whatsapp platform for their business communication. Keeping this in mind we develop API which helps to send WhatsApp messages. API we can use for sending automated messages, to trigger messages when specific event occurred and where we don’t want any human interference to avoid human errors and save the time. Since we launched our API, many businesses started using it to minimizing human errors, saving their time and keeping customer relationship healthy.

When our client started WhatsApp Business app they experience spike in their sales and it helped them to maintain good customer relationship. Client have told us that it’s quicker and easier to connect with a business than making a call or sending an e-mail

Through the app, users can request information like a shipping confirmation or boarding pass, message a business quickly through the “click-to chat” button and receive support from businesses about products or problems.

We provide Send and Receive API along with the panel. User can use send API to send the message and received API to receive message on their Whatsapp number. User can integrate send API in their system (CRM, ERP, Billing software) to trigger the message to customers and use receive API to fetch information received Whatsapp number to system. User can also check Received and sent message log panel. Panel also has a feature to send manual messages.

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